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Finally a better approach to making business decisions

Welcome to Instinct, a place dedicated to helping businesses improve the way they operate and thus improve their chances for success. Whether you’re in the process of starting a business or looking for ways to make an existing business better, we can help. We bring fresh ideas to the “been there done that” world of business consulting. In fact if our ideas weren’t so rooted in common sense and simple application, we’d call them revolutionary.

And now with our Web-based platform, where you are no longer will keep you from knowing what you need.

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First, the wrong approach to finding solutions.

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You try to solve symptoms and not causes.

It’s not enough to say “our sales keep going down” or “we have to keep replacing employees” or “we don’t know what to do next.” Those are symptoms, and for every statement like that you make about your business there is an underlying cause for it. Those are what you really need to find the answers to.

You rely on some search algorithm for answers.

So then you take those ‘sympton statements” and go to your favorite search engine to see what kinds of professional advice you can garner for free. Unfortunately, after hours of searching webpages, you’re left with a bunch of generic “advice.”

Then you go to some business blogs and social networks.

Figuring there must be others like you with the same problems and possibly some solutions, you go to business blogs or post questions on your social networks. But not only do you have to wait around for replies, when you do get them they turn out to be a bunch of fluff or people trying to sell you stuff.

Finally you decide to spend a lot of money hiring a consulting “specialist.”

You find someone local who touts expertise in your industry or in solving your type of problems. She comes in and lists all of the things that aren’t working for you, as if you didn’t already know. Then she gives you her “specialist’s” advice which just happens to be the same advice she gave your competitors last year.

We bring together the worlds of human behavior, design, and technology to help startups and existing businesses create better experiences for employees and customers. It may seem that any talk of innovation these days must involve some new smartphone app or new social network. But for us, innovation is about knowledge and tools, and helping you incorporate them into what you do…to make what you do better.

The time of talking about yourself is over.
No amount of advertising or marketing is going to make up for a dysfunctional workplace, a lackluster customer experience, or products and services that don’t do what they should. That’s why you need to rely on Instinct.

We focus on the causes, not the symptoms.

  • We treat your business as a whole of moving parts that all affect each other.
  • We help you bring accountability and empathy into your business.
  • We don’t build plans around assumptions, instead we help you ask the right questions, test, and learn from the results.
  • With human behavior as a guide, we design processes to help you run your business and manage your workplace.
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Combination of videos, tutorials, PDFs, checklists, and other materials to help you apply the Instinct Approach to your business. Allows for you to tackle these topics at your own pace and in the way you best prefer to learn. Presented in easy to follow, step by step Modules.

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Building upon the knowledge and skills you gain from Self-Learning Modules, our Working Groups will let you interact with not just our Instinct team, but with others in situations similar to yours. Feed off the power of exchanging ideas and collaboration.

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Designed for complex issues or for those who prefer more direct guidance. In addition to access to the other environments, our Immersion Environment provides secure workspaces and private access to the Instinct team.

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