Welcome to my company and website. I hope you have been able to learn about what it is Instinct does and more importantly the mission behind it. My background, like many people is a diverse one…working in business and education, spending time as a writer, a student of behavioral sciences and a designer. Throughout all of these experiences I have developed a school of thought and processes, which I define as “human-focused and planet-conscious.”

I marvel at the advances we have made in technology and science, in medicine, and in communication. But I have also seen too much wasted time and energy on things that don’t move us forward as a people. A focus on short-term wants over long-terms needs, an often disposable view of resources, including people, and a rising level of dysfunction in many of our institutions including business.

I created Instinct as a place that could help others battle that dysfunction and become a positive force in the world. Of course, not everyone views things the same way I do, perhaps including you, which is fine. As long as in the end, we keep thinking, keep talking, and keep working toward a better place for all.


Robert Westfall

Founder + Chief Strategist

…so are a lot of other people…

Instinct is as much a collection of people committed to making things work better as it is a school of thought and methodology. A key part of Instinct’s ability to serve a diverse client base is our Collaboration Model.

The Collaboration Model is our way of gathering the right experts and professionals, with the right skill sets, at exactly the right time, to meet each individual client’s need.

Just as we utilize the power of the Internet in working with you the client, we do the same with our network of analysts, creative workers, technicians, and support staff.

Not only does this allow us to give you the most tailored solutions possible, but to do it at a cost savings that doesn’t sacrifice quality.


Paris of the Plains, City of Fountains, BBQ Capital of the World. All used to describe our home Kansas City. But there’s so much more such as world-class arts and architecture, a vibrant downtown rejuvenation with billions in new investments, a leader in entrepreneurship, and the first Google Fiber City. And with all that we are firmly grounded in Midwest values of work hard, play hard, commonsense approaches to problems and showing concern for others whenever possible.

Check out Pulse.

There you can explore more about the way Instinct views and shapes the world, as well as find entertaining takes on some of the obscurities of our everyday lives. VISIT IT HERE.


If you haven’t already, pick the description below that best fits your situation to get a more tailored view of Instinct:

New and Small Business

  • 0-500 Employees (approx.)
  • Founder of a startup
  • Sole-proprietor of a local business
  • Part of a small business team
  • Owner of a small business looking to grow
  • Someone still deciding if striking it out on your own is possible

Big Businesses and Organizations

  • 500-5000+ Employees (approx.)
  • CEO or Corporate Officer setting strategy
  • Middle Manager implementing policies
  • Human Resources Manager tasked with training and development
  • Project Manager of diverse teams across company

Public and Social Institutions

  • Leadership of local government
  • Oversee delivery of various city services
  • Involved in economic development
  • Run a nonprofit or civic organization
  • Policymaker
  • Involved with citizen engagement and communications
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