Pick the description below that best fits your situation to get a more tailored view of Instinct:

New and Small Business

  • 0-500 Employees (approx.)
  • Founder of a startup
  • Sole-proprietor of a local business
  • Part of a small team launching a new business
  • Owner of a small business looking to grow
  • Someone still deciding if striking it out on your own is possible

Big Businesses and Organizations

  • 500-5000+ Employees (approx.)
  • CEO or Corporate Officer setting strategy
  • Middle Manager implementing policies
  • Human Resources Manager tasked with training and development
  • Project Manager of diverse teams across company

Public and Social Institutions

  • Leadership of local government
  • Oversee delivery of various city services
  • Involved in economic development
  • Run a¬†nonprofit or civic organization
  • Member of policy-making team
  • Involved with citizen engagement and communications
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