You think maybe a little help would go a long way?

Public Institutions

Examples:  Local governments, healthcare, education, labor, economic development


Delivering services to often large and diverse populations requires having a keen understanding of how all the moving parts are working (or not working together). With a mandate to provide those services in a fair and efficient manner you need to utilize new tools and ways of thinking. Technology plays a large part in making that happen, but it also requires understanding HOW to introduce technology into your processes, while at the same time ensuring that the human side of your work is not lost or ignored.

Social Institutions

Examples:  Policy shops, think tanks, nonprofits, issue advocacy groups


Much of your work focuses directly on advancing better thinking and decision-making. You are tasked with producing reports and studies for a wide variety of audiences. Or you are focused on advancing a particular agenda and need to inform and persuade.  In either case, you must ensure that you are asking the right questions, being honest in your analysis, and being as effective as you can in communicating your positions.

Where Does Instinct Fit In?

We help you understand the Human Experience Model as it relates to organizations such as yours, and also how to apply Instinct Methods  to your efforts.  Four important aspects of your particular environment that we can help with are:

1) Master planning – based on compiling data and asking the right questions

2) Communication planning – help garner support for initiatives and issues

3) Coordination efforts – helping you navigate personality and political forces inside your organization and out

4) Sustainability – creating policies that ensure the right balance between the economy and the environment

We can be your hidden counselor and confidant, or we can work out in the open directly with you and others in your institutions as needed. The first step is being open to new ideas.

Instinct Makes Location Irrelevant

One of the core philosophies of Instinct is that everyone who wants and needs our help should be able to get it. And while we would love to meet everyone in person, that is just not possible. And it’s also not necessary.

Do you think it Is the distance across a table or a continent that matters, or is it the quality of the ideas and relationships built? We argue it’s the latter.

And so we embrace the Internet for what it allows us to do for you. Each client of Instinct gets full access to all of the following as needed:




NOTE: Instinct isn’t just an online partner. If you have projects that are better suited for onsite visits, we are happy to board a plane or train and work with you face to face. We can discuss that during our free, no-risk initial conversation with you.


Instinct is a method of thinking that can be applied to the work you do. It scales with the needs you have. As such we can start with narrowly focused efforts or conversations and build up as needed. We build our relationships with clients based on time.

We do this by using what we call Time Buckets. Let’s see how they work:

Small Bucket

Examples of work may include policy reviews, audience target planning, short online workshops, strategy overviews, data gathering and analysis, citizen engagement

Big Bucket

Examples of work may include new project management processes, new public initiative planning, management training, conflict resolution, communication design projects 

Custom Bucket

Examples of work may include long-range political targeting, ongoing workshops and training, ongoing one-on-one consulting with key personnel

For simplicity and fairness to all, our Time Buckets are based on time and not money, meaning your hourly rate never changes.

  • Small Bucket: Zero – 40 hours
  • Big Bucket: 40 – 160 hours
  • Custom Bucket: long-term projects and ongoing relationship



  • We start with a free, no risk, no commitment conversation…yes we actually will TALK to you…via phone, Google® Hangouts, or Skype®.
  • We discuss what it was that lead you to reach out to us, and we spend time getting to know you and your situation
  • If we all agree that there’s something we can do for you we move on to Step 2.


  • Together, we define the scope of the work, goals, metrics of success, and who all will be involved.
  • We agree on a Time Bucket so there’s no ambiguity about costs.
  • We setup any needed Workspaces and online tools for you and others.
  • If it’s your first time working with us, we give you an easy to follow walk through of the process and tools at your disposal.


  • Depending on the project, work may include one-on-one sessions with you, meetings or workshops with your team, and collaborations through our Workspaces.
  • We track all time, including planning meetings, Skype® or Google® Hangout sessions, and the work we do on our own.
  • You receive time logs and status reports on progress as agreed to during the Time Bucket discussion.


Public Institution

Social Institution

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